Waaberi Primary School Project

The idea of the project originated in a meeting of Gedo Development and Sorasod at a local Peace Conference in 2003. Gedo Development told that Baled-Hawon area is urgently needing assistance in basic education as well as a Gaari3new school building.

It was noted that there is similarity between the activities of the two organizations and discussions began to develop the idea and commitment to mutual collaboration. It was obvious that there were serious needs to be tackled such as capability of poor families in the area to educate their daughters.


There are only a few pri11vate schools that poor families can not afford because of high tuition fees. Gedo Development’s and Sorasod’s Board of Directors called a meeting and decided to launch the project. Somali diaspora in Finland and in other countries financed the project initially and the collected funds enabled to start building Waaberi primary school.

Later the project has been financed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. Waaberi primary school has offered education to more than 420 pupils between 7 and 10 years of age. Nine teachers and other staff members were hired.

The project’s second phase includes recruitment of more teachers and further development of the school facilities such as text books and desks. In addition, the local parents, regional authorities and residents as well as religious leaders will be informed about the project. The aim is to ensure that education will be guaranteed for all children despite the socio-economic status of the family. Eg. girls and children from poor families will be prioritized.